I Am here for it.

I believe my jewelry is more than an accessory; itˋs a symbol of support on your journey to a lifestyle filled with serenity. Consciously crafted from sustainably sourced wood, designed with you in mind, each piece aims to remind you of your uniqueness, bringing serenity and validation to your path.

I create for women who

  • Are devoted to themselves and aspire to live an authentic and peaceful life.
  • Don`t follow fashion trends but create their own comfortable outfits
  • Appreciate distinctive, original jewelry that is aligned with who they are
  • Share values of family, self-devotion, peace of mind, and creativity.
  • Love being part of a community of supportive women.


Kristina Martinčič

  • Textile & Clothing Designer
  • Woodworking Engineer
  • Chief Visionary Officer at KMD
  • Loving wife and mom to 2 beautiful, creative boys

Hey. I'm Kristina, the creative force and visionary behind Kristina M Designs.

I create inventive wooden jewelry for self-devoted women, cultivating a lifestyle filled with serenity.

My inspirations come intuitively from my surroundings and situations, sometimes guided by wood itself, by its visual and technical properties, resulting in intricate jewelry pieces you won't find anywhere else.

Each piece is meticulously crafted by hand, designed to perfection in my studio in Lučine, a small village surrounded by gorgeous hills teeming with magnificent trees at the end of Poljanska valley in Slovenia.

Creating a whole new jewelry line, still unsaturated and defying the norms of typical jewelry, my pieces stand out because they're made of wood, nature's most captivating material. Distinctive jewelry just like you, my self-devoted woman.

KRISTINA M DESIGNS mission & vission

It's not just about jewelry; it's a lifestyle.


Kristina M Designs is dedicated to empowering self-devoted women through inventive wooden jewelry, fostering a community that values family, self-devotion, peace of mind, creativity and support amongst women. I aim to inspire and support you on your journey to a life lived authentically and peacefully.


My vision at Kristina M Designs is to be the beacon for self-devoted women, providing exquisite wooden jewelry that not only enhances their style but also becomes a symbol of their unique journey. I envision a world where each piece brings a sense of serenity, connecting women who value individuality and the freedom to live on their terms. My brand strives to create a space where creativity, self-love, and empowerment intersect, fostering a community of confident, serene, and inspired women. It's not just about jewelry; it's a lifestyle.

The alchemy of fine woodworking & fashion design

The first time I crafted something from wood was in 2009. Watching my father, an amateur woodworker, have so much fun creating furniture for our home, sparked my curiosity, and I had to try it for myself. Little did I know that experiment changed my life forever.

Ten years later, my fascination with wood evolved into a love for jewelry making. I experimented with various creations, but nothing lit me up as much as jewelry. Challenging myself with intricate work, my first earring collection, featuring my unique bending technique, signaled a profound connection to my higher self and the peace I sought.

Excitement filled me as I realized I could merge my love for fashion design and woodworking to create something extraordinary. Something that makes you, my amazing customers, feel exceptional, authentic, and stand out.

Jewelry that is aligned with who you are and brings out your inner peace.

Embrace the journey to self-devotion & serenity with Kristina M Designs jewelry

Explore unique wooden jewelry that goes beyond being an accessory – it's a statement of your unique journey.