Crafting serenity: The journey of Kristina M Designs

Crafting serenity: The journey of Kristina M Designs

In a world filled with hustle and bustle, where chaos seems to reign supreme, finding peace becomes an art form in itself. At Kristina M Designs, I am getting better and better at mastering this art, not just through the creation of exquisite wooden jewelry but by curating a lifestyle centered around serenity.

My beginnings

Growing up in a working-class family, I witnessed firsthand the toll that financial struggles can take on one's spirit. Watching my parents toil away in a factory, devoid of any prospect for personal growth or freedom, left an indelible mark on my psyche (which I realized only a few years ago). For years, I drifted aimlessly, not thinking about my future at all, shackled by the constraints of the community I was living in. I thought this was the only life I could have. Actually I didnˋt even think, I just was. It wasn't until years later, after I became a parent that I dared to dream that I realized the true source of my unease: I yearned for peace and tranquility, for a life lived in harmony on my terms. As I started my mindset shift journey, deep down I had a feeling that there has to be something bigger out there for me.

My creative journey began in the realm of fashion. I finished high school for design and photography in 2005, becoming a Fashion designer and continued to the Faculty of Science and Engineering becoming a Graduated textile and clothing designer in 2012. While studying textile and clothing design I realized I don't want to make clothes anymore, I just loved the design part of it. It was in 2009 when I stumbled upon woodworking that I found my true calling. My father Janez, an amateur woodworker, was creating some furniture for our home and I watched him having a lot of fun working with wood. I was intrigued and immediately had to try it for myself. He gave me some spruce wood to play with and showed me how to work with the band saw and next thing you know Iˋm creating my first wooden product. So, inspired by my father's passion for crafting furniture, I delved into the world of woodwork, mesmerized by the raw beauty of wood and endless possibilities of creation.

But it wasn't until a chance encounter with a piece of birch wood that I truly understood the profound message nature had in store for me.  

Photos of my first ever made wooden product from 2009 - A ceiling and wall lamp shade. 

A sign from the Universe

We used to have a beautiful Birch tree in our backyard, but it got sick in the year of 2013 and had to be cut down. Iˋve never worked with birch wood before so I took a small piece of it and started to handcut the edge to get a clear view of the inside. What I found blew me away. A heart revealed to me. It was what the illness had created but it was extraordinary. It was a sign meant for me and I understood the message. I was on the right path. It is what made me adore wood even more. I mean, for nature to create something like that is just magical. Since then I am always on the lookout for special pieces of wood that have been tagged as un-useful because of some flaw but in my eyes those are the most special pieces.

The original piece of birch wood that revealed the heart inside.


Because of that birch I am now here on this beautiful journey working with wood and you can now admire the heart I found in the form of my logo trademark.

Kristina M Designs logo.

How I escaped into the world of entrepreneurship

Ever since I consciously started working on my mindset, I knew I will have my own business… one day, when the time is right. Turns out, when you are waiting for the right time there can be a lot of waiting. So of course I got some meaningless job, again, just so I could pay the bills and the waiting can continue. It wasn't untill I took a job that pushed me over the edge, making me cry at the end of every shift. Only one month had passed and I couldn't take it any more. What I thought would be a lovely job, one with less hours and great pay, turned out to be a manipulative, ugly, competitive work that was killing my spirit. One afternoon shift, just before closing, my manager told all of us to clean the place as fast as we could and then we had seconds to clean ourselves and change our work clothes. There was not enough time. She rushed us out. I remember running out of the place with my pants unbuttoned, holding my things with my dirty hands, just so she could close the building before 9pm, so she would get a bonus. 

I was humiliated, couldn't believe what just happened and I cried my balls out the whole car drive home. The next day I told my husband about what happened and that I will quit my job immediately and start my business. He saw how scared I was and determined and he supported my decision.

It took me a few more months to actually open my business and jump into the unknown but I will never forget February 15th 2016 when Kristina M Designs came to life. I started by making bow ties, notebooks and albums with wooden covers, photo frames, whatever came to mind. It took me a few years before I found my passion.


Why jewelry

Growing up I was more of a Tomboy. I was strong and always competing with boys but I guess I was raised that way because deep down I felt very girly and I secretly admired my moms clothes and especially the few pieces of jewelry that she had. Did I ever think I could make jewelry back then? Of course not. It never even crossed my mind. Even when I went to woodworking school I thought I was going to be a carpenter after. 

As the years passed, my fascination with wood finally evolved into a love affair with jewelry making. I created my first real collection in 2019 (see picture bellow) and with each piece I crafted, I found solace and a sense of connection to my higher self. It was as if each bend of the wood spoke to me, whispering secrets of serenity and inner peace. Which is kind of ironic because wood bending can be quite nerve wracking but I guess intricate work calms me down. I was also very into personal growth which helped me enormously.

Prva kolekcija uhanov iz leta 2019 - Kolekcija Intuicija, ki me je popeljala v svet nakita.

During my discovery journey I also became a mom to 2 beautiful boys (Čarli - 2014 & Alex 2017) who showed me how much strength I have and are the reason I started my healing and mindset growth even more seriously. It is them who made me think bigger and out of the box because I wanted to be the best mom I could be and provide them with the most amazing and loving life. I want to show them that anything is possible if you dream big and believe in yourself.

My family - husband Matjaž, older son Čarli, younger Alex & me.

And so, armed with all the wisdom, I embarked on a mission to create more than just jewelry; I wanted to sculpt a lifestyle that resonated with self-devoted women like myself. Through my creations, I aim to inspire and uplift, reminding each woman of her inherent strength and resilience to be whoever she wants to be.

What sets Kristina M Designs apart arenˋt just my meticulously crafted adornments; it's the transformative journey I offer—a journey towards a life filled with calmness, self-devotion, and the freedom to live authentically. So join me, as we embark on this journey together, one piece of jewelry at a time. After all, true serenity begins within.

Welcome to Kristina M Designs—where beauty meets serenity.


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